Pure Tone Audiometry

When there is a decrease or loss in hearing the sound, Pure Tone Audiometry comes into a picture. Pure Tone Audiometry or in short PTA is a kind of hearing test used to identify the hearing threshold frequency. It is also known as behavioral kind of testing as it depends on the co-operation of the patient during the diagnosis of the hearing loss. PTA measures only the audibility threshold of hearing among all the other features of the hearing loss. The type of loss can also be located through an air-bone gap, as PTA uses both air and bone Audiometry for measurement. Aditi Hearing is standardized with the calibration of the test environment and the ISO testing types of equipment that carry out the test effectively.

Hearing Loss occurs due to various factors like Age, Noise, Genetic Problem, Perinatal Problems like premature birth and infants born to alcoholic mother(Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders), Continuous Medication, Disorders like Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, viral infection of ear, Syphilis transmitted from pregnant women to fetus, Physical trauma like severe damage to brain may also lead to hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Fitting

You cannot buy a device online and use it, because Hearing Device Fitting takes a basic challenge, an experienced audiologist will verify the device to better rendering of amplification by doing Real EAR Testing and Measures. Performing all basics test then only audiologist proceed to fit the device. However, you may need an expertise advise every time you upgrade the device version.

Hearing aids work best when fitted and adjusted properly. Learning to fit it to your ear takes right amount of time, the direction of fitting and insertion of nozzles do define the fine volume having the character of a loud deep sound to the year. Hence, audiologist is required initially.

Speech Therapy

The one who has proficiency in speech-language pathology field is known as speech therapist or speech-language pathologist (SLP) or speech and language therapist. Aditi Hearing is specialized in SLP of diagnosing and rendering the treatment related to Speech Therapy such as speech disorder, language disorder, voice disorder, swallowing disorder and also with Autism spectrum disorder which falls under pediatricians and psychologists.

Home Services

We understand that not all patients are able to visit the Clinic due to various reasons. Hence we,at Aditi Hearing, have started Home Service, where you can get your Ears checked at the timings you are most comfortable with. Once you Book an Appointment our Team of Hearing Experts will make sure that you can avail all the services, testing as well as trials of the latest products at ease right at your doorsteps.

Hearing Instrument Maintenance & Repair

A Hearing Instrument should be treated with utmost care to minimize potential problems in everyday use. An individual has to make sure that the Hearing Aid should be given for maintenance every 6 months. Incase of problems it should be shown to a Hearing Expert without any further delay

Hearing Instrument Accessories

Whether changing settings remotely, streaming audio directly, or taking advantage of rechargeability, our broad range of stylish, practical, and easy-to-use accessories makes everyday life easier for the hearing aid user.

Impedance Audiometry & Tympanometry

Impedance Audiometry test is used to detect two causes. One is to identify the working condition of the tympanic membrane and middle ear using the Tympanometry by creating air pressure in the ear canal. Secondly, it is used to analyze the acoustic reflex pathways of the middle ear which has carnival nerves and auditory brainstem. Aditi Hearing undertakes both the test to recognize the hearing loss causes.

Tympanometry Device

Tympanometry is not the type of hearing test; it is used to measure the transmission of energy in the middle ear. Tympanometry is the component of the audiometric analysis. The test is not used to determine the hearing sensitivity. The results obtained are always viewed with pure tone audiometry. Tympanometry is very useful in Otitis media diagnosis by exhibiting the issues of a middle ear.

After finding that the path is clear to eardrum with the help of otoscopy, the test is performed by placing the tympanometer probe in the ear canal. The instrument makes changes in the eardrum pressure, produces a pure tone and records the responses received by the differential pressure of sound.

Re-tuning Hearing Instrument

After receiving your hearing aids, our Hearing Expert will set the devices to best fit your hearing needs and teach you how to properly care for them. After a few months, however, you may begin to notice some tell-tale signs that your hearing aids need more adjustment – volume fluctuations, high-pitched sounds, and discomfort. To get the most from your hearing aids, you need to have them adjusted, or re-programmed, on a regular basis.