OAE in Aditi Hearing Solutions

The full form of OAE is otoacoustic emission. The sound which is produced from the inner ear is known as OAE. Since from its existence, it has been used to detect the number of different cellular and mechanical causes of the inner ear. The studies have proven that if an inner ear gets damaged then OAE completely vanishes, hence OAE is used in Aditi Hearing laboratory to determine the healthiness of the inner ear.

How does OAE test works?

OAE test is related to the inner ear or Cochlea functions and causes. A small earphone or probe is inserted in the ear with sound. The hair cells in the inner ear respond to the sound by sending vibrations. The sound that comes out is measured and the results are detected on the monitor screen.  If the hearing loss frequency is greater than 25030 decibel, then OAE sounds are not produced in the results and are treated with the appropriate treatment accordingly. This test also identifies the blockage between outer and middle ear. If there is a blockage the sound cannot enter the inner ear and hence will not stimulate any sound or vibrations from it.

Types of OAE:

There are two types of OAE

  1. Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAEs):- When there is no external stimulation from the sounds that are emitted from the ear is known as SOAEs. It is measured with sensitive microphones in the external ear canal. Out of 35%-50% of the population, it is shown that one is identified with the problem of SOAEs.
  2. Evoked otoacoustic emissions (EOAEs):

EOAEs are induced in three methodologies as below:

  1. Stimulus Frequency OAEs (SFOAEs) is detected by the difference between the stimulus waveform and the recorded waveform. SFOAEs are measured during the application of pure tone stimulus.
  2. Transient-evoked OAEs (TEOAEs or TrOAEs) arises using a click or tone burst stimulus. The response arises from a click has the frequency of ranging up to 4 kHz. And the tone burst eliminates the response in the frequency that is equal to a pure tone.
  3. Distortion product OAEs (DPOAEs): The sound-induced when using the primary tones of f1 and f2 with particular intensity and ratio is known as DPOAEs.

Aditi Hearing has the proficiency to OAE that they can detect the causes from newborn babies, children to Adults. Along with Audiometric testing, OAE testing can also be done to determine the sound response cause and come out with the treatment for the cause effectively.

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