With a focus on electrification, automation and digitization, Siemens India stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability.With Siemens hearing aids you will be able to hear natural sound quality.As one of the world’s biggest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a pioneer in infrastructure and energy solutions, as well as automation and software for industry. The company is also a leader in medical imaging equipment, laboratory diagnostics, and clinical IT. Siemens also provides business-to-business financial solutions, rail automation and wind power solutions.

“After 130 years of innovation, our heritage speaks for itself. In future, it will say Signia.”

Siemens Bestsound technology team launched Signia, the vision of Signia together with the experience of Siemens hearing aids makes the difference that helps us to create the future of better hearing. Discover the new Signia hearing brand now.

Keeping the philosophy of always revolving around improving the lives of people with hearing loss; Siemens now pioneered best driven technology and their every products milestones in industry with remarkable success ration. Today, the introduction of our new brand signia, marks the beginning of many more life-changing innovations.

Aditi Hearing is also partnered with Siemens to help society to overcome with the difficulties of hearing problems, now, Aditi is identified as Bangalore’s one of the service provider for Siemens customers and hold many satisfied customers around the city.

Please reach us to know more about Siemens and latest devices, we assure you best service and treatments against your hearing difficulties.

Here are some Siemens / Signia Devices: Click Here


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